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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted Address
PCDC0010/202/02/2020CDC - Private Certifier - 190206 - Demolition of dwelling and outbuildingsComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier11 Mahratta Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0004/2017/01/2020CDC - Private certifier - New DwellingComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier6 Shannon Street ST IVES NSW 2075
CCPCA0007/209/01/2020Modified CC for Da0512/16 - Alterations and additions including new retail space to the rear, passenger lift, car parking and first and second floor office spaceConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier4 Forbes Lane TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0006/209/01/2020CC for DA0122/17 - Stage 3 - Consolidation of three lots into one and alterations and additions to create a self storage facility and separate commercial premisesConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier3-5 West Street PYMBLE NSW 2073
CCPCA0005/209/01/2020CC for DA0050/18 - Alterations and additions including replacing rear deckConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier11 Longford Street ROSEVILLE NSW 2069
CCPCA0004/208/01/2020 CC Private Certifier #109/19 - Construction of new pool at rear, associated decking and works to rear of dwellingConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier67 Junction Road WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0012/208/01/2020Alterations to dwellingComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier8 Hampden Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0001/202/01/2020Demolition of existing house, construction of a two storey dwelling house and swimming pool.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier3 Canberra Crescent EAST LINDFIELD NSW 2070
PCDC0005/202/01/2020Alterations/additions plus garage and pool.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier76 Provincial Road LINDFIELD NSW 2070
PCDC0006/202/01/2020Demolition- Stage 1 " early works" Staged CDC for new library & student centre.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier325 Mona Vale Road ST IVES NSW 2075
PCDC0007/202/01/2020CDC - Private certifier - Commercial/Internal AltsComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier16 Princes Street TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0008/202/01/2020CDC - Private certifier - Strata SubdivisionComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier69 Killeaton Street ST IVES NSW 2075
PCDC0009/202/01/2020CDC - Private Certifier - CBS194332 - New two storey dwelling and attached garageComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier4 Biara Place TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0011/202/01/2020CDC - Private Certifier - 0042/15 - Strata SubdivisionComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier6 Womerah Street TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0001/202/01/2020CC - Private certifier - Alterations and additions (additional decks)Construction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier27 Greenhill Crescent ST IVES CHASE NSW 2075

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