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Application Details

Application Details
Application IDDA0534/19
DescriptionTree removal - heritage item in a heritage conservation area
GroupDevelopment Applications
CategoryMulti unit development
Sub CategoryTown houses/villas
Lodgement Date18/12/2019
Determined Date26/03/2020
Responsible OfficerSMCINNES

Address68 Coonanbarra Road WAHROONGA NSW 2076
Land DescriptionLot 77 DP 2666, Lot 78 DP 2666, SP 7827

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DescriptionEvent DecisionDate StartedDate Finalised
Produce Acknowledgement LetterYes18/12/201918/12/2019
SNPP Application?No18/12/20199/01/2020
Political Donations/GiftsNo6/01/20206/01/2020
Application received by AdminYes6/01/20206/01/2020
DRU Application AcceptanceAccepted6/01/20209/01/2020
Generate Letter to ApplicantMore info required - Notification pending STC14/01/202014/01/2020
Has the Officer Contacted the Applicant?Yes14/01/202016/03/2020
SNPP Application LetterNo9/01/20209/01/2020
Has DRU checked the Site Area?Yes9/01/20209/01/2020
Officer AllocatedYes9/01/20209/01/2020
Affordable Rental HousingNo9/01/20209/01/2020
Political Donations/GiftsNo9/01/20209/01/2020
Is this being assessed electronically?Yes9/01/20209/01/2020
Is this application heritage listedYes9/01/20209/01/2020
Is it in a heritage conservation areaYes9/01/20209/01/2020
More Information RequiredYes9/01/20209/01/2020
Engineering Referral RequiredNot Applicable9/01/20209/01/2020
Landscape Referral RequiredReferral Required9/01/20202/03/2020
Ecology Referral RequiredNot Applicable9/01/20209/01/2020
Heritage Referral RequiredReferral Required9/01/20209/01/2020


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