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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted Address
PCDC0452/1922/10/2019Change of use to a shop (bottle shop) and associated internal alterationsComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier166-172 Mona Vale Road ST IVES NSW 2075
CCPCA0418/1921/10/2019CC - Private Certifier - Modification to car-park layout in accordance with Traffic & Accessibility Consultant requirements in relation to demolish existing structures and construct residential flat building comprising 23 units, basement parking and landscaping.Construction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier161 Mona Vale Road ST IVES NSW 2075
PCDC0449/1918/10/2019Alterations/additionsComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier35A Boomerang Street TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0445/1917/10/2019Alterations/additions - to existing two storey dwelling including ground floor and first floor extension, #5104Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier35A Boomerang Street TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0438/1916/10/2019CDC - Private Certifier - 5975/0 - Fit out of "breeze Valley Cafe"Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier172 Fox Valley Road WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0429/1911/10/2019New DwellingComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier186 Bannockburn Road TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0406/1910/10/2019Change of use from office to Pilates studio including signageConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier374 Pacific Highway LINDFIELD NSW 2070
CCPCA0397/199/10/2019CC - Private Certifier - 190757 - Alterations and addition to existing dwelling house comprising access ramp walkway and changes to openingsConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier41 Bowen Avenue SOUTH TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0421/198/10/2019CDC - Private Certifier - Swimming poolComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier15 Coolabah Avenue TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0396/194/10/2019CC - Private Certifier - Demolish existing structures and construct a residential flat building consisting of 51 units, basement parking and associated landscaping worksConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier12A Shinfield Avenue ST IVES NSW 2075
PCDC0287/19.A4/10/2019Modified CDC - Private Certifier - CDC2019-0450.1 - Relocate swimming pool and alfresco - Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a two storey dwelling, retaining wall and in ground swimming pool.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier8 Montreal Avenue KILLARA NSW 2071
CCPCA0393/193/10/2019 CC no5 for DA0611/15-- Demolition of existing structures and construction of a residential flat building comprising 27 units, basement parking, associated landscaping and site consolidationConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier14 Neringah Avenue Sth WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0419/192/10/2019CDC - Private Certifier - Alterations to existing dwellingComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier16 Kokoda Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076
CCPCA0392/192/10/2019CC - Private Certifier - Alterations and additions including veranda and associated worksConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier4 Woodbury Road ST IVES NSW 2075
CCPCA0391/192/10/2019CC - Private Certifier - Alterations and additions - heritage conservation areaConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier6 Marjorie Street ROSEVILLE NSW 2069

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