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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted Address
PCDC0224/1917/06/2019Alterations to existing of Dwelling & New Construction of Retaining wallComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier8 Lowry Crescent ST IVES NSW 2075
CCPCA0225/1917/06/2019CC8042757 for DA0450/18 - Private Certifier - Alterations and additions including swimming pool, tree removal, new pergola and deck extension - heritage conservation area ** Bond not required, 2 bonds previously paid for 2 separate DA's on same property concurrently.Construction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier5 Wandella Avenue ROSEVILLE NSW 2069
CCPCA0226/1917/06/2019Modified CC18479/02 for DA0114/18 - Private Certifier - Modified - Proposing internal layout changes and changes to openings.Construction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier43 Clanville Road ROSEVILLE NSW 2069
PCDC0535/18.A14/06/2019Modified CDC - Private Certifier - Alterations/additions to an existing dwelling.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier178 Ryde Road WEST PYMBLE NSW 2073
PCDC0221/1914/06/2019Swimming poolComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier18 Eton Road LINDFIELD NSW 2070
PCDC0222/1914/06/2019Alterations/additionsComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier7 Korangi Road PYMBLE NSW 2073
PCDC0486/17.A13/06/2019Relocation of swimming pool and removing approved cabanaComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier55 Darnley Street GORDON NSW 2072
CCPCA0223/1913/06/2019Demolition of existing pool and construction of a new pool with deckConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier12 Wambool Street TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0224/1913/06/2019Amended CC - Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including deckConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier1 Ellsmore Avenue KILLARA NSW 2071
PCDC0218/1912/06/2019Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a new two storey dwelling.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier15 Buckra Street TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0220/1912/06/2019New awning over rear balconyConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier3 Ailsa Close EAST LINDFIELD NSW 2070
PCDC0219/1912/06/2019Demolition of a house and garageComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier8 Wyuna Road WEST PYMBLE NSW 2073
PCDC0220/1912/06/2019Demolition of a houseComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier29 Wallalong Crescent WEST PYMBLE NSW 2073
CCPCA0221/1912/06/2019cancelled since was not attached to DA applicationConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier16 Morona Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076
CCPCA0222/1912/06/2019Two storey deck replacing the existing top storey deckConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier16 Morona Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076

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