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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted Address
REV0005/1929/11/2019Review of DA0168/17 proposing demolition of existing structures and construction of nine town-houses (multi-dwelling housing) with basement parking, landscaping and associated worksSection 82A ApplicationMulti unit development34 Dumaresq Street GORDON NSW 2072
PCDC0517/1929/11/2019PoolComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier35 Bayswater Road LINDFIELD NSW 2070
MOD0215/1929/11/2019Modification to DA0577/17 proposing various changes - heritage conservation areaSection 4.55 ApplicationResidential ancillary development36 Roseville Avenue ROSEVILLE NSW 2069
PCDC0519/1929/11/2019CDC - Private Certifier - Office fit out.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier172 Fox Valley Road WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0521/1929/11/2019Pool/Spa - Construction of a two storey dwelling & in ground swimming pool. SXC2019-/00382Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier3 Hampden Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076
CCPCA0460/1929/11/2019New dwelling, landscaping and associated worksConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier56 Golfers Parade PYMBLE NSW 2073
CCPCA0464/1929/11/2019CC Private Certifier - sx2019-/00331 Proposed pool at rearConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier11 Rawson Crescent PYMBLE NSW 2073
MOD0214/1928/11/2019Modification to Land and Environment Court Approval 211098 of 2017 (DA0175/17) proposing amendment to facade and internal revision, deletion of Conditions 102A (relating to storage), and 3D (relating to glazing in Unit G05)Section 4.55 ApplicationMulti unit development51 Lindfield Avenue LINDFIELD NSW 2070
MOD0213/1928/11/2019Modification to DA0235/19 proposing reduction in size of secondary dwelling, minor changes and amendment to front fence gate and chimney - heritage conservation areaSection 4.55 ApplicationDwelling development65 Arnold Street KILLARA NSW 2071
DA0494/1928/11/2019Alterations and additionsDevelopment ApplicationsResidential ancillary development5 Essex Street KILLARA NSW 2071
PCDC0522/1928/11/2019CDC - Private Certifier - Alterations/additions - Solar Panels on apartment.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier381 Bobbin Head Road NORTH TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0523/1928/11/2019CDC - Private Certifier - Alterations/additions to an existing dwelling.Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier35 Spurwood Road TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0461/1928/11/2019Demolition of existing structures and construction of a new dwelling with front fence and associated worksConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier58 Fairlawn Avenue TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0462/1928/11/2019CC - Private certifier - Alterations and additionsConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier14 Valley Road LINDFIELD NSW 2070
MOD0212/1927/11/2019Modification to Land & Environment Court Proceedings No. 2018/120815 (DA0063/18) proposing lifts to all units and minor internal and external alterations including garage door - State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004Section 4.55 ApplicationSeniors living policy development116-118 Junction Road WAHROONGA NSW 2076

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