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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted Address
MOD0095/1931/05/2019Modification of DA0387/08 proposing enclosure of a rear verandah and changes to openingsSection 4.55 ApplicationDual occupancy development2 Carina Road TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
DA0211/1931/05/2019New driveway and hardstand area (parking)Development ApplicationsDwelling development9 Grassmere Road KILLARA NSW 2071
DA0210/1931/05/2019Alterations and additionsDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling development29 Rushall Street PYMBLE NSW 2073
MOD0096/1931/05/2019Modification of DA0228/18 proposing reduction of apartments from 30 to 26 , deletion of basement level and changes to car park layoutSection 4.55 ApplicationMulti unit development23 Gilroy Road TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0213/1931/05/2019CC MOD0033/19 - Alterations and additions including carport and deckConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier4 Highlands Avenue GORDON NSW 2072
MOD0094/1930/05/2019Modification of DA0238/18 proposing extension of roof over entranceSection 4.55 ApplicationResidential ancillary development18A Miowera Road NORTH TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
PCDC0153/1930/05/2019CDC - Private Certifier - Demolition of existing dwellingComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier5 Briar Street ST IVES NSW 2075
CCPCA0211/1930/05/2019Alterations and additionsConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier2 Cambridge Street SOUTH TURRAMURRA NSW 2074
CCPCA0212/1930/05/2019Demolish existing dwelling, retain swimming pool, construct new dwelling, associated works and front fenceConstruction Certificate ApplicationCC - Private Certifier27 Hampden Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0196/1930/05/2019Demolition. Certificate Number: 190207Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier36 Highlands Avenue GORDON NSW 2072
PCDC0197/1930/05/2019Demolition. CDC - 190203Complying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier19 Delaware Avenue ST IVES NSW 2075
PCDC0198/1930/05/2019PergolaComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier87 Kintore Street WAHROONGA NSW 2076
PCDC0199/1930/05/2019Construction of a two storey dwelling with attached granny flatComplying Development ApplicationCDC - Private Certifier3 Myrtle Place ST IVES NSW 2075
DA0209/1929/05/2019Demolition of structures and associated hardstand areasDevelopment ApplicationsDemolition development100 Fox Valley Road WAHROONGA NSW 2076
MOD0093/1929/05/2019Modification of DA0566/17 proposing to retain the existing rear wall line and a larger deckSection 4.55 ApplicationDwelling development3 Boronia Avenue TURRAMURRA NSW 2074

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